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Owning a German made car means you have already invested in one of the most advanced vehicles that money can buy.

However, vehicles are often programmed or come tuned to a set standard by the manufacturer that works for the global market These set standard make your car perform well, but with some simple performance enhancements to your engine, you can increase power, torque, fuel performance and help extend the life of your vehicle. At GMW, we are specialist in the performance engine tuning and upgrades for all makes and models of German vehicles.

We have trained extensively in this specialty and can perform both standard performance upgrades to technologically advanced ECU chip remapping upgrades. We take a proactive approach to performance upgrades, first getting to know you and how you use your car. By understanding your driving style and what you are looking to get from this upgrade, our team will be able to develop an engine upgrade and tune that works best for your car and that works with your budget.

Our team is dedicated to moving our industry forward by offering our customers the most up to date practices and technologies. Our state of the art workshop located in Malaga, contains all the modern equipment needed to service today’s advanced vehicles, while still having all the tools (and knowledge) needed to care and upgrade older engines.

If you want to know more about our high performance engine services or are interested in booking an appointment, contact the team at GMW today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.


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We will discuss any and all services with you, and the best course of action before any work being carried out.

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We only use the best parts, oils and lubricants based on their quality and affordability.

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Pick up/drop off service is available (prior arrangement necessary).

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We have weekend availability, however, you must call to discuss.

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A highly qualified team of mechanics who are specialists in German automobiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best thing that you can do to improve the performance of your engine without modification is to make sure that you are following a regular maintenance schedule. Following your manufacturer recommended services, using higher quality fuel, and driving your car safely are all great ways to ensure that your engine performs to perfection.

In newer vehicles where the engine operates largely on electronic components, which can be modified by computer to increase everything from fuel consumption to torque. For vehicles that are not quite as technologically advanced, modifications can be made to the engine’s intake, exhaust, spark plugs, cylinders and more to increase performance and give your car the boost it needs.

GMW’s team is highly skilled and trained in both the newer, technologically advanced vehicles and older styles of cars with standard engines, and will work with you to come up with an engine upgrade that has your car working perfectly for you.

No. In fact most engine tune (if done by a professional) can actually help reduce emissions and fumes.
As long as your engine is modified by an expert, like the team here at GMW, it is 100% safe to modify your engine. In fact, modifying your engine has plenty of benefits that you won’t get without a modification.

We have put together a modernised workshop, conveniently located in Malaga, that is fully equipped with the most advanced equipment in our industry.