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For those with newer vehicles, ensuring that you stay on top of your logbook service is vital to keeping your manufacturer warranty active, while also providing your vehicle with the maintenance required to perform like new consistently. The schedules for log book servicing vary not only due to the manufacturer but also from vehicle to vehicle.

What car manufacturers don’t like to tell you is that your cars log book servicing doesn’t have to take place at a dealer servicing centre but can be completed by an authorised log book servicing provider like the team at GMW Perth.

As qualified technicians for luxury German automobiles, the team at GMW offers comprehensive log book servicing for all BMW and Minis that are affordably priced. We take the safety and performance of your car seriously, which is why when executing these services we only use parts, lubricants and oils that are approved by the manufacturer while carrying out all work to the correct specifications.

The team at GMW is committed to providing your car with the attention to detail it requires during these milestones. With our state-of-the-art workshop, highly qualified team of mechanics, and a strong work ethic based on enthusiasm for the work we do.

We believe that open communication with our clients creates effective solutions and has them driving away with their car performing as good as the day they drove it off the lot.

GMW stamped log book following servicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of car servicing can be confusing for those not in the industry. The team at GMW wants to change this relationship with mechanics and the customers. We’re dedicated to not just fixing your car but offering advice and information about the ins and outs of the services required.

Our goal is to make sure you do not only feel more informed about what our team is doing when we work on your car, but also learn a thing or two along the way. With that in mind here are some questions (and answers) that we commonly get asked about log book servicing.

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A log book service is a vehicle manufacturer specified and practical approach to your car maintenance. Car companies develop a schedule that your new car should follow for regular inspections and service items to maintain their performance and to check for any issues that could lead to larger problems.
This is dependent on the mileage or time you have had your car. Along with your standard service, it can include anything from replacing belts or brake pads to changing filters or spark plugs with dealer quality parts. The tasks in your log book are carefully planned by the manufacturer across various points in your cars life to ensure that it is running at optimal performance.
Not only are the services performed essentially to keeping your log book up to date for warranty purposes but staying on top of it can help in preventing smaller car problems into becoming major (costly) issues. Having a regular log book service is just as important to your safety as it is to your car’s performance.
This changes depending on the manufacturer with some recommending as long as 20000km or 2 years between services. At GMW we don’t recommend exceeding 15000km or 1 year whichever comes first for European vehicles. Some vehicles require more frequent servicing around 6 months or 10000km whichever comes first.
Your logbook is given to you by the manufacturer at the time of purchase and is usually found along with your vehicle manual. We recommend keeping it in the glove box.
Yes for our BMW customers who now have an online logbook system. Our services are logged into the BMW online system in case any warranty issues arise with your vehicle BMW will automatically have all the information they require.