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Logbook Service


Staying on top of your log book service is crucial to keeping your Mini vehicles warranty active and providing your vehicle the required maintenance to perform at its best.

The GMW team are authorised logbook service providers who can perform a complete Mini service for your Mini Cooper. Each mechanic is a highly trained, qualified specialist who can fulfill the schedule checklist as defined by the manufacturer to perform a complete Mini service.

As one of Perth’s leading Mini Specialists, our highly experienced technicians perform a thorough examination of your Mini Cooper to ensure its safety and performance is in its best condition. To do so, we only use the genuine parts, lubricants and oils approved by the manufacturer to service your Mini Cooper.

Engine Tuning

Feel a reassured and safe while driving knowing that your engine is finely tuned. Our mechanics provide Mini service and repairs for your car’s engine to improve fuel efficiency, performance, and lifespan. When you get your Mini Serviced, we service key areas such as changing the drive belt, flushing fuel lines, Engine tuning and replacing the EGR Valves.

At GMW Perth, we know how important it is to drive a car that is safe and reliable. Which is why we conduct our performance tuning services to the highest standard and using only approved genuine Mini parts for your repair or service.




Keep your Mini Cooper running smoothly on the road with our complete Mini transmission service. We service and repair the transmission of your Mini to ensure it can change gears without struggle or strain. Our highly skilled mechanics check components such as the automatic selector cables, driveshaft, and torque converter seals.

We ensure your Mini’s transmission is clear of dirt and debris allowing it to operate responsively like a well-orchestrated puppet show. This keeps your Mini Cooper in peak condition to be more fuel efficient and stay on the road for longer.

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Regular brake servicing of your Mini Cooper’s brake system ensures it stays in a good condition to ensure your safety while driving. Our Mini specialists look after your brake system such as replacing the front and rear brake pads, flushing the brake fluid and checking the drums.

Car disc brake following servicing



You should always check that your Mini Cooper’s tyres are in good condition. If you find that the treads of your tyres are staring to become smooth or worn out, it is a sign to book a Mini service to get it replaced. Our Mini mechanics offer to refit new tyres, perform tyre alignments, wheel balancing and repair punctures.

To ensure the highest quality tyre service for our clients, we use only the best tyre brands in Perth to keep you safe on the road while driving your Mini Cooper.

Clutch Service

Shifting between gears while driving your Mini Cooper should always be a smooth change. If you notice a lag or strain on your clutch while changing gears, it could mean your Mini Cooper is due for a service. Our team at GMW Perth are ready to provide first class service for your Mini to get it running at it best on the road. We inspect the seals, bearings, cables and overall condition of your clutch.

Don’t wait around till your clutch fails to get it repaired! Get your Mini Serviced today with our Mini specialists.



Feeling like your daily commute with your Mini is feeling wobbly or shaky when turning? This could be a sign of an issue requiring suspension servicing. We service your Mini’s suspension to ensure it sticks to the road with superior grip and braking. From shock absorber checks, ball joint replacements to coil springs, our thorough servicing ensures your safety and peace of mind when driving your Mini Cooper.

Air Conditioning & Cooling

Drive your Mini Cooper in comfort with a functioning air conditioning system. As your Air conditioning system is regularly used, it is prone to have issues such as leaks or worn-out seals leading to your system failing to produce clean, cool air. At GMW, we can inspect your Air conditioning system in our Mini Service to check on its filters, compressors, pressure hoses and motor.

Our comprehensive Air conditioning service ensures your air conditioning systems is operating in peak efficiency so your Mini Cooper can provide you clean, cool air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a few signs you can look out for indicating differential damage, including:

  • Tyre Damage
  • Vibrations coming from your drive shaft
  • Loud, whining noises
  • Difficult handling – If you notice your car not turning or driving normally
  • Grinding Gears

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you are driving your car safely on the roads. It is also vital to make sure that you have your cars differential oil changed at a service centre every 50,000 to 80,000 km.

The biggest advantage of a limited slip differential is that your car will handle better on the roads, particularly in more extreme conditions such as rain, hail or unpaved roads. This is because the LSD prevents excessive power from being given to one wheel, instead keeping the amount of torque even between both wheels. This ensures that you have an even amount of traction across all wheels.

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