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Performance Suspension Tuning

Adding a performance suspension is an efficient and affordable way to upgrade your car or 4×4’s overall function while driving. At GMW Perth, we are experts in performance suspension, and can help in the selection and installation of kits that are perfectly suited to your modern vehicle.

We take a proactive approach to the upgrading of lifting and lowering kits, speaking with you about what you want out of your ride before making recommendations on what may work best for your vehicle and budget. We’ll then perform the suspension upgrade, installing the parts in our modern workshop with the most advanced servicing equipment available.

The service is then finished with a wheel alignment, allowing you to drive away confident and safely. We specialise in the installation of performance suspension. Interested in knowing more about our performance suspension services or want to book an appointment? Then give our friendly team at GMW a call today.

BMW M3 following a performance suspension upgrade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You spend a lot of time in your car, so a suspension upgrade can be quite helpful if you want your car to drive more comfortably and handle better. It also lowers your centre of gravity and makes your car more aerodynamic, increasing your stability through turns.

However, the most popular reason for modern sedans and cars to upgrade their suspension is cosmetic, as the upgraded suspension will bring the vehicle lower to the ground, giving it a sleek and fast appearance. Be Warned* Lowering your car too much can have an adverse effect to handling, making it extremely hard to go over speed bumps, rail road tracks or any sort of obstructions in the road.

We recommend and can order lifting or lowering kits from the following performance suspension companies.

  • Bilstein.
  • Eibach.
  • KW Suspensions.
  • Koni.
  • Air Lift.
  • Skyjacker.
  • KYB.
  • Greddy.

Here are a few tell tale signs that you may need to look at repairing or replacing either parts of, or your whole suspension:

  • Your car is pulling when it turns: This is a clear sign that you shocks are not keeping the body of your vehicle stable.
  • Uneven tyre treads: Is the tread on your tyres looking uneven, or are some of your tyres looking bald? This can be a sign that your suspension isn’t holding the car evenly.
  • Feeling every bump: Is your car suddenly not giving you a comfortable ride? If you are noticing every little bump in the road, it could mean that you have worn shock absorbers.
  • Your car dips forward when braking: If you hit your brakes and feel a noticeable lean forward, it’s a very clear indicator that your cars suspension needs to be brought in for repair.

For 4×4, upgrading your suspension can be very beneficial, especially for those who take their vehicles off road frequently. Getting a lift on your 4×4 can give your vehicle better clearance, greater load carrying capabilities, and safer handling on and off road.

If you’re taking your car off road often, contact our team today about how adding a lift to your vehicle can help improve your driving experience.

There is a lot of information online about choosing the right suspension for your car, but the best way to choose a suspension for your car is to discuss it with a professional. The team at GMW are experts in performance suspension and will collaborate with you to discover what the best product is for your car based on what kind of car you have, what your driving style is, what look you are going for, and your budget.