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GMW Offers The Most Affordable Air Conditioning Re-Gas In Perth!

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Auto Air Conditioning Services Perth

With an average yearly temperature of 24.7 degrees and over 147 days of sunshine per year here in Perth, it’s no surprise your car air conditioning system gets a good work out. However, just like the other moving parts of your vehicle, your car’s air conditioner will need to be serviced and repaired on occasion, to ensure the interior stays icy cool. At GMW Perth, we offer great service on a complete range of air conditioning issues, specialising in technologically advanced German vehicles.

Regular Maintenance

While we can perform regular maintenance for all makes and models, we have invested in creating a modern workshop containing all the tools needed to deal with the specialised air conditioning systems many luxury German cars have installed. Our workshop combined with our highly skilled technicians offers our customers a highly specialised car air conditioning service that will keep the inside of your vehicle cool and free from unwanted warm air.

With Perth’s lowest priced re-gassing service available why not make sure your BMW or Mini vehicles aircon system is as cold as it can be. If your vehicle requires air conditioner repairs such as new compressors, TX valves, or maybe just an O-ring that has a leak we can and will get your vehicle cabin icy cold again in an efficient and professional manner, using quality parts only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There isn’t a time limit on re-gassing an aircon system; if the gas is low in the system you will notice it may take longer to get cold or not get cold at all. This is when it’s time to come in. We recommend running the aircon in your vehicle at least once a week to circulate the oil in the system and keep everything in working order; this will prevent those small leaks and keep the system healthier for longer. Each time your vehicle is brought in for a regular service, a leak test will be conducted to ensure the system is functioning correctly and there are no broken hoses.

If you’re noticing that your vehicle’s air con isn’t blowing cool air as intended, the first thing to do is turn it off immediately. This will prevent the additional cost of further damage occurring. An aircon system is quite complex and the best thing to do is to book in for a diagnosis so we can pinpoint the issues. This will allow us to figure out the best way to proceed in repairing your vehicle.

There is plenty you can do to maintain the life and function of your air conditioner! Here are our top tips:

  • Run your vehicle’s air conditioner for at least 10 minutes every week (even in the winter) this helps to maintain the gas pressure, prevents seals from failing, and hardening of hoses.
  • Your air conditioner isn’t just there to keep you nice and cool! It’s another function is to help remove humidity from the cabin, so it’s a great idea to run it during the winter months when the wetter weather in Perth can cause your windows to fog.
  • Making sure that you stay on top of your service schedule. At GMW, whenever you come in for your log book service or scheduled tune-up, part of that service includes our friendly staff checking your air conditioning unit, including a leak check on hoses and seals to make sure that they are in good working order.