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Focused on Delivering You the Best Driving Experience

Whether you drive an older model Mini Cooper or BMW, or have just purchased the latest generation, the technicians at GMW offer a premium Mini Cooper and BMW service in Perth for all makes and models. Our passion for these brands drives our continued high levels of service and means your car is in the hands of mechanics who appreciate it as much as you do. All our services use genuine parts so you can relax knowing the warranty of your car will always be upheld. Our competitive pricing will ensure you are getting the best service for the best price.

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Mini Cooper and BMW Servicing You Can Trust


When it comes to an exceptional Mini Cooper or BMW service in Perth, GMW strives to exceed your expectations. Every service we undertake is based on maintaining your vehicle to its highest performance and increasing its longevity. Although our services are of the highest quality and use all genuine or OEM parts, we offer our customers competitive pricing whilst still upholding the manufacturer warranty. GMW is trusted by owners to provide a high-quality and affordable Mini Cooper and BMW Service in Perth, so you can have peace of mind knowing your car is always in the best hands.

Our Passion to Service BMWs

The BMW automobile is truly a thing of excellence; the brand has consistently been at the forefront of technological development since they began in 1916. As the cars have developed, so too, have the technicians who service them. At GMW Perth, our mechanics are experienced in each technological advancement these vehicles go through and have the skill to service them in line with their high-quality build. For a quality BMW service, Perth BMW owners trust in GMW to consistently provide the level of care and service the vehicle warrants.

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Our BMW Services in Perth

GMW provide expert BMW services in Perth. Our team provides general and specialised servicing, and our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art, certified service equipment and genuine parts.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best method of keeping your BMW running at peak performance and decreasing future repair costs. Other expenses, such as fuel consumption, can be lowered by making sure your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The current diagnostic technology we use at GMW Perth is the best defence in ensuring your car is safe to drive. Our diagnostic tooling can conduct a thorough analysis of your car's systems to detect any potential issue. This allows us to deal with any issues before they become a major service or repair.

Brake Pads and Discs

A crucial element that protects you, your passengers, and other road users, is well-maintained brakes. Our services include rigorous brake pad and disc assessment to ensure they are performing properly and safely.

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Unmatched Mini Cooper Servicing


Having your Mini Cooper serviced by GMW Perth means only certified equipment and mechanics are used to ensure every part of your Mini Cooper is performing at its peak. Our customers keep coming back to us, as our reliability and attention to detail means every step of the service is completed to the highest standard possible.

Our specialised workshop uses only genuine parts for the all services, ensuring no warranties are voided and high-quality parts are used for the longevity of your vehicle. Trust in GMW Perth to deliver a superior service for your beloved Mini Cooper time and time again.

Why We Love Working with Mini Coopers

Like many European cars, Mini Coopers are known for their reliability, functionality, and iconic design. We love servicing Mini Coopers because they are well-engineered and a breeze to maintain. When you invest in a quality car such as this, you want to know the person you trust to service it is going to take care and consideration with its maintenance.

The team at GMW Perth is trained in providing the specialised servicing Mini Coopers require. Having a comprehensive understanding of these vehicles ensures our technicians can efficiently service your vehicle so it performs at its peak performance.


Our Mini Cooper Services

GMW Perth are Mini Cooper service experts. Our services range from general to specialised servicing and our workshop is equipped with certified service equipment and genuine parts.

Engine Tuning

Without regular engine tuning, your car's engine can begin to function ineffectively, reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption. At GMW Perth, we analyse and repair or replace any parts of your engine that are causing inefficiencies.

Clutch Servicing

If you have noticed any differences with the pressure of your clutch when changing gears, it could be an indication your clutch needs to be serviced. Our comprehensive inspection process ensures we find and repair any issues quickly and efficiently.


Shaking and wobbling of your car when driving is never a good sign and can be a sign you have issues with your suspension. Repairing this problem will restore your car’s ride and ensure you have full braking and cornering capacity.

Genuine Parts for your BMW and Mini Cooper

bmw car undergoing performance tuning

Having a car of the highest manufactured standard, such as a BMW or Mini Cooper, means you appreciate high-quality products and attention to detail. At GMW Perth, we pride ourselves on servicing your car to BMW’s exacting standards.

The team of knowledgeable BMW and Mini Cooper service specialists at GMW ensure your car is in the best hands when it comes to servicing these quality vehicles. All parts we use throughout the service are genuine manufacturer parts, which means your car’s factory warranty will be upheld when you service your car through our workshop.

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