Maintenance Requirements to Keep Your BMW Performing Perfectly

Tips You Need to Know to Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly.

How Often Should I Service My BMW?

All vehicles require maintenance to maintain both condition and performance, and your BMW is no different. Service intervals vary for different models, but it is generally best practice to service your car at least once annually. Condition-Based Servicing [CBS] technology utilises sensors for issue detection in newer models, providing alerts to drivers when a BMW service is required. A range of BMWs even display recommended mileage until your next service. If you are unsure of when to service your vehicle, refer to your owner’s manual or logbook.

Why is a BMW Service Important?

Regardless of how frequently your vehicle is used, regular servicing is a vital part of car ownership


Early identification of minor issues before they become major is a key benefit of maintaining your BMW. Each time your vehicle is serviced essential checks are conducted on key elements like the brakes and suspension, providing you with the peace of mind that your BMW is roadworthy and safe to drive.


BMWs are widely regarded as high-performance vehicles. High performance in vehicles generally refers to outstanding speed and power, especially in comparison to cars used by common commuters. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your BMW and its crucial parts continue to perform to an optimum level over time.


It is no secret that the longevity of your vehicle is directly related to how much you take care of it. Regular maintenance of your BMW helps to ensure not only performance, but the retention of value should you decide to sell your vehicle in the future.

Prevention & Cost-Saving

Complex mechanical and electrical components of your BMW can be costly to repair or replace in the case of unexpected issues arising. Maintaining a regular service schedule can help with the prevention of these major issues for your BMW if they are detected ahead of time, saving you money and inconvenient stress.

What Does BMW Maintenance Include?

Different models of BMW have different servicing requirements and the following may not apply to all vehicles. However, a routine BMW service may include:

  • Vehicle check & inspection
  • Full diagnostic scan
  • Brake fluid level and quality check
  • Front & rear brake inspections
  • Coolant checks
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Tyre pressure check and tyre inspection
  • Engine and air filter inspections
  • Wiper blade inspection

Common Faults in BMWs to Look Out For

High-end luxury vehicles are not immune to faults and there are a few common issues that can arise with BMW cars. Should you encounter these faults, reputable service centres like GMW Perth will be able to address them for you.

Failing Fuel Pump

A failing fuel pump generally caused by issues with internal wiring often proves to be a frustrating issue for BMW owners. Look out for the warning signs that your fuel pump may be faulty including reduced acceleration, sputtering when travelling at consistent speeds, intermittent engine fault codes, or issues starting the engine.

Leaking Oil Filter Housing Gasket

Over time, the gasket connecting the engine and the oil filter housing can become brittle. If detected early enough, this is a relatively easy and quick fix for BMW owners but if left too long this issue becomes a costly and time-consuming repair. This example reinforces the importance of regular servicing.

Like all vehicles, BMWs encounter faults from time to time. The best preventative measure is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule from a reputable or specialist automotive service centre. Staying on top of servicing requirements will ensure your BMW lives up to the company mantra of ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’

Will My BMW Maintenance Be Expensive?

Depending on your BMW models requirements the pricing for scheduled maintenance will vary. In comparison to other cars the service costs may be more expensive due to the luxury nature of BMWs. High performance vehicles often require more expensive parts, as well as more specialised service technicians which can elevate the costs associated with maintenance.

How Can I Improve My BMW’s Performance Outside Regular Maintenance?

Performance Engine Tuning

Stock standards allow your BMW to perform well, but a few simple engine performance enhancements can increase the torque and power of your vehicle, as well as helping to extend the longevity of your car.

Performance Suspension Tuning

Upgrading your vehicles overall driving functionality by installing performance suspension is a relatively inexpensive and effective enhancement that can be done at GMW Perth. Performance suspension tuning provides drivers with a dynamic driving experience.

Performance Wheels

Not only do high-performance wheels and tyres improve the performance and handling of your vehicle, but they allow for a unique look and feel which aids in giving your car a more personal touch.

Performance Differential Upgrades

Our team can assist with both selecting and installing a performance differential tailored to your vehicle and driving style. We take pride in keeping up to date with new technologies and trends which helps us provide great products and service.

Why Choose GMW Perth?

At GMW Perth we have a deep passion for German made cars and a burning desire to become the best mechanics servicing the Perth area. Our staff have completed international BMW training and possess over two decades of mechanical experience in the field, providing standard performance tuning, in addition to enhancements to older, less technologically advanced vehicles. We are committed to moving our industry forward by providing high quality service that is unmatched. With specialisation in performance-based upgrades and engine tuning for both BMWs and Minis, the team at GMW possess the know how to get your vehicle running smoothly.

Conclusion / Schedule Your Service Today

Regardless of your maintenance requirements, the expert team at GMW Perth are ready to complete your service or repairs to a high standard. Our team have the tools, expertise, experience and genuine parts to help get your pride and joy back on the road.