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Do you need a Mini Cooper or BMW key replaced?

The technology of cars has advanced, and it has made replacing and repairing their accessories a highly specialised service. Replacing your car keys is no longer as simple as having a new set cut by a locksmith, and it can be difficult to find the same quality and authenticity in a Mini Cooper or BMW key replacement.

As a licensed BMW and Mini Cooper service centre, GMW Perth repairs or replaces your car’s keys to the same high-quality standard as the original. This ensures your new key will function properly and offer the same level of security for your car.

Our certified equipment and technicians can diagnose any issues with a broken key and identify the problem. Whether it is a wiring fault or if you simply need a Mini Cooper or BMW key battery replacement, the team at GMW have got you covered.


Our Key Replacement Services

All BMW/Mini Vehicles

GMW Perth offers a comprehensive replacement service of your BMW or Mini Cooper key. Our team are experts in repairing and replacing your keys to the highest standard.

Genuine Parts

At GMW Perth we not only use genuine parts to repair or replace your key, but we also use brand approved equipment. This ensures the entire service meets Mini Cooper and BMW standards.


We offer you the best of both worlds, as we have incredibly competitive pricing, whilst still using genuine parts.

Replace or Repair

Whether you have lost your car keys or just need a BMW or Mini Cooper key battery replacement, GMW Perth is fully equipped with genuine parts and equipment to get your key working again.

All Keys Lost System

Losing your key fob is a safety concern if it ends up in the wrong hands. To ensure your BMW or Mini Cooper is always safe from theft, GMW Perth syncs your key fob to your car’s All Keys Lost System.

Competitive Pricing

It is important to always replace or repair your key fob with genuine parts. This can be quite costly at a dealer but GMW offers incredibly competitive pricing, so you have the best quality at the best price.

Qualified Mechanics

Your European car will always be in the best of hands with GMW Perth’s team of specially trained mechanics. They understand the nuances of these cars and offer a high-quality service.

Lost Your Mini Cooper Keys or Need an Affordable BMW Spare Key?


Losing your car keys or realising they have a flat battery can easily throw your whole day into disarray. At GMW Perth, we work to take away this stress and have you back up and running with a new or repaired set of car keys quickly and efficiently, so you can get on with your day.

Mini Cooper and BMW keys typically have advanced technology that needs to be properly handled by certified technicians, who have the right parts and equipment. Our specialised workshop carries genuine parts at a competitive price, so you have the highest quality repair or replacement at an affordable cost.

Simple, Easy, and Effective

GMW Perth makes your Mini Cooper or BMW key fob replacement straight forward and stress free. You can be assured your replacement key will offer the same quality and functionality as the original because of our use of genuine, certified parts and equipment. The extensive knowledge of the team at GMW Perth means the replacement of your new key is faultless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A simple way to determine the BMW replacement key you need is based on the model year of your BMW.

2005 and older – this generation of BMW used a traditional key and blade-style key, also known as a BMW Diamond key.

2005 and newer – this generation of BMW uses a keyless fob with the ‘push to start’ feature. There are two styles of fobs; one with keyless entry (or comfort access) and one without. If you can access your car without pressing a button on the remote, you will know your car is fitted with comfort access.

  1. Reduced signal strength
    Are you noticing your key is only working when you are close to your car? As your key’s battery wears out, its signal strength will reduce until it is unable to open your car at all using the unlock button. It is best to have your key’s battery replaced when you notice its signal strength is decreasing before the battery flattens completely.

  2. Multiple clicks to unlock the doors 

    When your car key is functioning properly, it will be able to unlock your doors in a single click (please note, some cars have a safety function that only unlocks the driver’s door on the initial click). If your key is taking multiple clicks to unlock, this is a common sign that the battery’s functionality is decreased.

  3. Inconsistent performance
    If your car has a press start feature that is activated by a key fob, this will become inconsistent when the battery requires a replacement.

As a fail-safe feature, most BMW and Mini Cooper models have a traditional key blade within the key fob in case  the battery runs out. This will allow you to unlock your car manually and start the ignition.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to access this manual key and the keyhole on the door, which is often hidden, the below videos could help. However, using a manual key entry should be a temporary fix, so don’t forget to drop into GMW Perth to replace your key fob’s battery.

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