The Importance of Genuine BMW Parts

Non-genuine parts simply do not uphold the same standard as genuine BMW parts

The nature of the BMW automobile means every component of the vehicle is working to perform at its peak. This gives you as a driver, the thrill and exhilaration of being behind the wheel of a BMW. However, it also means each part needs to be of optimum quality to allow it to fully carry out its specific function each and every day.

We have found non-genuine parts simply do not uphold the standard a BMW car requires to function at its peak performance. Because replica parts are not made to BMW manufacturer standards, they often don’t fit precisely and can require additional work to be fitted to the car.

This is why we always recommend using genuine BMW parts or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, to allow your BMW car to continue to function as it did when it came off the production line. For BMW parts in Perth, the team at GMW have access to the genuine parts your vehicle requires.

BMW Performance Parts

The BMW brand is synonymous with performance. Both old and new models of BMW are often found to have some additional performance part or system to achieve a truly exhilarating driver experience. Because the nature of a performance part is to turn your BMW into an even more formidable driving machine, the parts need to be of exceptional quality and should fit the car seamlessly.

Genuine BMW performance parts can be bought or ordered from certified BMW and European vehicle mechanical workshops. When sourcing these products, always ensure the workshop is fully certified by BMW and only stocks genuine OEM performance parts, just like us here at GMW.

BMW Exhaust System

Having a well-functioning exhaust system is absolutely imperative for the safety and performance of your BMW vehicle. The exhaust system is responsible for removing and displacing the toxic emissions your car produces away from those inside it. It also works hard to reduce air pollution released into the environment by your car.

Most people look to change their standard exhaust system for a high-performance part to achieve increased power and produce a sportier sound. These exhaust systems create a deeper, throatier sound from the engine than stock standard systems. For genuine BMW parts, such as exhaust systems, GMW Perth can assist you with finding the ideal solution for your needs.

BMW Intake And Fuel Delivery

For many BMW owners, the goal they are trying to achieve when modifying their vehicle is an increase in performance. A high-performance air intake and fuel delivery system works to increase the amount of air drawn in and the amount of fuel injected into the engine during combustion. By replacing your car’s intake and fuel delivery system to a genuine high-performance system, you are effectively giving your BMW more power.

Many BMW owners have found that fitting a BMW performance intake and fuel delivery system benefited their vehicle by improving throttle response and, in some cases, even fuel economy

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BMW Brakes

When you are increasing the performance of your vehicle, it is crucial you also look to replace standard brakes with high-performance brakes that can handle stopping quickly, should you need to. To make the performance braking system as effective as it can be, it needs to be specific to each BMW make and model.

Genuine BMW performance brakes are matched to suit the model of your BMW, taking into account factors such as engine, body, ABS, chassis, and aerodynamics. This ensures the maximum result is gained from the genuine performance BMW braking system.

BMW Shock Absorbers

All BMW vehicle models are built with gas-assisted, double-tube shock absorbers for ultimate performance straight off the production floor. However, if you want to increase the performance of your vehicle, BMW performance shock absorbers can be fitted.

A performance shock absorber will help to improve the ride, cornering, and safety of your BMW by always keeping your wheels in contact with the road. Each shock absorber is specifically matched to your make and model of BMW to ensure the perfect fit.

Trust In Us For Genuine BMW Parts In Perth

GMW is one of the biggest buyers of genuine BMW parts in Perth. We are able to order the performance parts and systems you need to maximise the drive of your BMW vehicle.

Because of our buying power, we can get you any BMW spare parts, from auto-electrical components to full exhaust systems for your BMW. The convenience of having every single part you could ever need under one roof is why GMW Perth is such a popular choice among BMW car owners.

Our parts range includes genuine BMW parts, BMW performance parts, and BMW refurbished parts for all makes and models. A GMW Perth, we source all our genuine parts directly from the manufacturer to ensure they are of the highest quality. For peace of mind, each new and reconditioned part we stock comes with a manufacturer quality guarantee.

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