A Guide To Logbook Servicing

Vehicle logbook servicing provides assurance your car will be repaired or serviced according to instructions and specifications outlined by the manufacturer.

What Is Logbook Servicing?

A recurring vehicle service carried out in line with guidelines and instructions documented by the vehicle’s manufacturer is known as logbook servicing. Following the regular maintenance schedule outlined in your log book or online service record ensures small issues are addressed before they develop into major faults. Logbook servicing also ensures your vehicle’s warranty is maintained. The guidelines outlined by the manufacturer are unique to the make and model of your vehicle, providing important information about critical service requirements.

The service requirements are listed in a specific order, ensuring the right services are completed at the right time over the course of the vehicle’s warranty. The intervals outlined in your logbook are designed to maintain your car’s optimal performance throughout its life.

What Is Normally Included In Logbook Servicing?

Generally speaking, logbook servicing involves a visual inspection of all the main systems of your vehicle including the engine, brakes, suspension, steering, fluid levels and quality and electrical fault code scanning. You can expect for your brakes, tyres, steering and suspension to be checked and adjusted as required. The engine oil and oil filter will be changed and other fluid levels will be topped up. A battery health scan will be conducted and if required the battery can be replaced at an additional cost. Other components such as radiator hoses, lights and wipers will also be inspected.

What’s The Difference Between General & Logbook Servicing?

When it comes to vehicle servicing, there are two main types: logbook services and general services. Both of these options have unique benefits, which is why its important to understand the difference between them.

Logbook Servicing

As mentioned above, logbook servicing is a type of vehicle servicing specifically designed to meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Typically, logbook servicing is carried out every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

General Servicing

General servicing is vehicle servicing which is not specific to any one manufacturer’s specifications. The primary difference between the two is logbook servicing follows the procedures outlined by the manufacturer exactly. General servicing considers the condition of the entire vehicle, conducting maintenance and repair work where necessary. At GMW Perth, our general servicing is far more comprehensive than dealership logbook servicing. For example, many manufacturers claim transmission fluids are a “life time fill,” at GMW we examine the transmission oils and recommend servicing once discolouration is evident.

The Benefits of Logbook Servicing

Primary advantages of regular logbook servicing includes:

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Warranty

Your vehicle’s warranty is more likely to be upheld when you can prove you have regularly taken care of it. For new or second hand cars still within the warranty period, logbook servicing must be completed strictly within the outlined timeframe, or you run the risk your warranty will be void. By maintaining your vehicle’s warranty, the manufacturer will be more likely to repair faults without leaving you out of pocket.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

When its time to upgrade your vehicle, you’ll want to get as much return as possible for selling your old one. A proven track record of vehicle servicing is important as you are more likely to get a better sale price if you can prove the car has been well maintained. Regular vehicle servicing is one way you can ensure you get a higher resale value on your vehicle.

Maintain Optimal Performance & Increase Longevity

Through regular servicing of your vehicle, it is more likely any faults will be picked up and addressed before they become major issues. Large scale problems are generally costly and can leave you without a car for extended periods during repair. Regular maintenance should also increase the longevity of your vehicle as servicing ensures your car performs optimally over time.

Avoid Costly Repairs

One thing you want to avoid as a vehicle owner is major breakdowns and the expensive repairs that come with them. Regular servicing is the simplest way to keep your car in the best condition possible and prevent the need for costly repair work.

Choose GMW Perth For Your Vehicle Servicing

As qualified and experienced technicians for luxury German vehicles, our team at GMW offer comprehensive servicing for all BMWs and Minis. The safety and performance of your vehicle is our top priority, which is why we only use manufacturer approved parts, oils and lubricants.

The team at GMW is committed to providing your car with the attention to detail it deserves during all vehicle servicing. Our state of the art workshop, highly experienced and qualified service team and strong work ethic makes GMW the perfect choice to deliver quality services time and time again. To book your vehicle in for a service, get in touch today!